Do what makes you happy!

Mandala Deer painting

Welcome back! 🖐

*Disclaimer* You could literally come across anything on this blog haha.

Crafts I love it all 😍❤

I was a very lucky girl at Christmas this year. Santa brought me an easal along with some blank canvases.

My goal is to fill my walls in my home with my own art. So let’s get the ball rolling!

I have started with a deer head. Sketched the outline and filled it with mandala style doodles, and of course used every colour acrylic paint I could get my hands on. The madder the better I say! 😂

Really pleased with the outcome. Check it out below ⬇

I hope this gives you all the inspiration to get the pencils out and for the creative juices to flow.

Now to decide where to hang this beauty. I will be uploading my drawings/paintings as I go along. So please hit follow to never miss an upload.

Have fun my lovelies xx