1 skein project!! 😮 Crop top Crochet

Welcome back guys 😄

Spring has sprung. The weather has got a lot warmer. Summer is on the way! ☉

I love making clothing items and decided to give a crop top a go for my upcoming summer holiday it will look so cute over a bikini.

Literally took me one day to make and only using 1 skein of 50 g yarn. To me that’s pretty awesome! I will be on the look out for more 1 skein projects to share with you all.

Check out the pattern below 👇

Crocheted Donut pouffe

Welcome hookers! 🖐

This is another big art attack I decided to make. For myself for a change 😊

A lot like the rubiks cube, it is massive in size! And one of my first crochet projects I took on. Looking back I think, how did I even tackle this. Quite a daunting task for a newbie.

Not only a bit of a task. Back then i had no idea how to follow a pattern and relied on YouTube for everything crochet. Don’t worry if this is you as it is totally normal, pattern reading is difficult at the start. I promise, you will eventually pick it up and it’s soooo easy when you know how! Keep at it.

If you would like to have a go at this go check out the youtube video of twinkiechantv, for a step to step guide.

Have fun my lovelies!

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Super Mario Crochet

Welcome hookers 🖐

I wipped up this little guy for my nephew as a Christmas gift. He was a big hit 😀 and i loved every minute of crafting him.

Pattern can be found at – wolfdreamer-oth.blogpost.com

Any of the 80’s or 90’s babies will appreciate this one. It’s great to see Mario bros back in the 2000s!

Happy crafting my lovelies! ❤