1 skein project!! 😮 Crop top Crochet

Welcome back guys 😄

Spring has sprung. The weather has got a lot warmer. Summer is on the way! ☉

I love making clothing items and decided to give a crop top a go for my upcoming summer holiday it will look so cute over a bikini.

Literally took me one day to make and only using 1 skein of 50 g yarn. To me that’s pretty awesome! I will be on the look out for more 1 skein projects to share with you all.

Check out the pattern below 👇

Liam the leprechaun -crochet

Happy St Patrick’s day ☘

This is Liam the leprechaun. Loved every minute of crocheting this little guy. He is on showcase all year through not just for St Patricks day in my house, he is way too cute to hide away.

The detail in this amigurumi project was crazy, which why i think he turned out so amazing. There was a lot of thought and effort put into this pattern. I adjusted the pattern slightly to suit my own style you can work it up whatever way you like also.

Check out the pattern @ https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/liam-the-leprechaun

As you can see below he has been on his adventures in the beautiful Irish countryside. Up to mischief and searching for rainbows 🌈

Crochet Poncho

Welcome back guys!

Thought i would share a little bit of inspiration with you all.

I have always wanted to make my own poncho. Finally got around to giving it a go. I have been loving the mustard and black colour combinations that have been big this year in the high street stores.

You can use any colour combination you like. Just choose your favourite colours and go for it.

Please see above my finished project. I am in love with it and cannot wait to get wearing it!

Find this awesome and easy to follow pattern at – https://sewchet.com/2014/10/18/tutorial-crochet-poncho/

Have fun and keep crafting x

Super Mario Crochet

Welcome hookers 🖐

I wipped up this little guy for my nephew as a Christmas gift. He was a big hit 😀 and i loved every minute of crafting him.

Pattern can be found at – wolfdreamer-oth.blogpost.com

Any of the 80’s or 90’s babies will appreciate this one. It’s great to see Mario bros back in the 2000s!

Happy crafting my lovelies! ❤

Rita ‘The Mermaid’

Hi guys 🖐😊

Wanted to share with you this quick and easy pattern for all the mermaid fans out there.

I wipped this one up to gift to a Friend for Christmas, she loved it. She named her Rita, which I thought was really cute and suited her well 😊

Please find the pattern at – spinayarncrochet.com easy to follow and great gift for any girl in your life! Was very tempted to keep her for myself 😂

Keep crafting my lovelies!

Harry Potter Amigurumi crochet series

Welcome back crafters 🖐

Wanted to show you my latest makes. My niece is a massive Harry Potter fan (myself included 😂). Her birthday was fast approaching so I had decided to look up a pattern for Harry to wip up quickly as I had a month to master it.

I searched the Web and finally came across – daisyandstorm.com where I found the whole Harry Potter crochet series.

I started with Harry –

I made his glasses out of electrical cable, striped the plastic off and bent the copper wire with pliers. Twisting it to form the shape of the glasses. His wand was made from wood carved to make a small wand.

She absolutely loved the gift, her appreciation and love for Harry made me want to make another one of the characters to add to her collection.

Christmas was fast approaching and I wanted to wip up another character in time. I decided Hermione would be next –

I was happy with how she turned out and my niece was very impressed 🤗 I will continue in this series crocheting the remaining characters. I am thinking Dumbledoor will be my next project.

I will be posting an update as I go along with this series, so follow my blog to receive an email notification of when I upload 😀👍

Keep crafting! ❤