Mandala Deer painting

Welcome back! 🖐

*Disclaimer* You could literally come across anything on this blog haha.

Crafts I love it all 😍❤

I was a very lucky girl at Christmas this year. Santa brought me an easal along with some blank canvases.

My goal is to fill my walls in my home with my own art. So let’s get the ball rolling!

I have started with a deer head. Sketched the outline and filled it with mandala style doodles, and of course used every colour acrylic paint I could get my hands on. The madder the better I say! 😂

Really pleased with the outcome. Check it out below ⬇

I hope this gives you all the inspiration to get the pencils out and for the creative juices to flow.

Now to decide where to hang this beauty. I will be uploading my drawings/paintings as I go along. So please hit follow to never miss an upload.

Have fun my lovelies xx

Crochet Poncho

Welcome back guys!

Thought i would share a little bit of inspiration with you all.

I have always wanted to make my own poncho. Finally got around to giving it a go. I have been loving the mustard and black colour combinations that have been big this year in the high street stores.

You can use any colour combination you like. Just choose your favourite colours and go for it.

Please see above my finished project. I am in love with it and cannot wait to get wearing it!

Find this awesome and easy to follow pattern at –

Have fun and keep crafting x

Crocheted Donut pouffe

Welcome hookers! 🖐

This is another big art attack I decided to make. For myself for a change 😊

A lot like the rubiks cube, it is massive in size! And one of my first crochet projects I took on. Looking back I think, how did I even tackle this. Quite a daunting task for a newbie.

Not only a bit of a task. Back then i had no idea how to follow a pattern and relied on YouTube for everything crochet. Don’t worry if this is you as it is totally normal, pattern reading is difficult at the start. I promise, you will eventually pick it up and it’s soooo easy when you know how! Keep at it.

If you would like to have a go at this go check out the youtube video of twinkiechantv, for a step to step guide.

Have fun my lovelies!

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Doodle a day continues!

Welcome back doodlers 🖐

January has come to an end, this is my finished doodles for the month. This was really fun and enjoyable. And I will continue with this great little pass time.

Now moving onto February 😁

You can design your own month of whatever you would like to doodle. It can be as random as you like!

Have fun and keep crafting ❤👍😘

Super Mario Crochet

Welcome hookers 🖐

I wipped up this little guy for my nephew as a Christmas gift. He was a big hit 😀 and i loved every minute of crafting him.

Pattern can be found at –

Any of the 80’s or 90’s babies will appreciate this one. It’s great to see Mario bros back in the 2000s!

Happy crafting my lovelies! ❤