Ceramic painting

Hi guys 🖐

I had wanted to try painting ceramics. As you can see I decided to give it a go. I had played around with the idea of using brushes and paint, but with the detail I wanted I didn’t feel I would of had enough control over the paintbrush.

I then discovered the magical world of paint markers! I will leave a link below of the markers I purchased. They are great quality and very reasonably priced.


I wanted to either paint my own mug or a set of tea and sugar pots. Of course I made both 😂

I doodled little objects on each pot and wrote a quote on each one. The mug is inspired by the pixar movie up! I love how they turned out and they are pride of place on my kitchen counter.

Sealant then needs to be applied to protect the paint. I used mod podge dishwasher safe. So when they need washed I will have no problems with paint pealing off or cracking. This is an amazing product and would highly recommend purchasing to seal any of your ceramic art. Link below to the product.


Happy crafting my lovelies.

I look forward to more ceramic painting in the near future 😘

Mandala Deer painting

Welcome back! 🖐

*Disclaimer* You could literally come across anything on this blog haha.

Crafts I love it all 😍❤

I was a very lucky girl at Christmas this year. Santa brought me an easal along with some blank canvases.

My goal is to fill my walls in my home with my own art. So let’s get the ball rolling!

I have started with a deer head. Sketched the outline and filled it with mandala style doodles, and of course used every colour acrylic paint I could get my hands on. The madder the better I say! 😂

Really pleased with the outcome. Check it out below ⬇

I hope this gives you all the inspiration to get the pencils out and for the creative juices to flow.

Now to decide where to hang this beauty. I will be uploading my drawings/paintings as I go along. So please hit follow to never miss an upload.

Have fun my lovelies xx

Doodle a day continues!

Welcome back doodlers 🖐

January has come to an end, this is my finished doodles for the month. This was really fun and enjoyable. And I will continue with this great little pass time.

Now moving onto February 😁

You can design your own month of whatever you would like to doodle. It can be as random as you like!

Have fun and keep crafting ❤👍😘

doodle a day challenge!

Hello my fellow crafters 🖐

My first blog post and what a fun one it is. Let’s talk doodles. Everyone loves doodling right?! It”s a great little pass time that doesn’t take up a lot of time. After a stressful day at work i find it so relaxing to grab my pencil and doodle. Just grab a sketch pad and away you go, simple as that. You can use any colouring method to suit your own unique style. I have decided to mix and match using my sharpie markers combined with paint marker’s (I do suggest doubling up your paper if using this method as there can be some ink and paint leakage). I like this method as it is bold and bright!

I started off by thinking of a random topic or item for each of the 31 days of January and jotted them down. I then drew a grid to place my doodles into. The doodles can be as random or meaningful as you like. Please see my photo below for some inspiration to get you started, obviously not finished yet but a fun little work in progress.

So come on, lets DOODLE!!